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kallevig eames chair review

An argument against ergonomics

There is an Eames Lounge that has taken up residence in my living room. It is not an original because the shock absorbing rings are plastic, yet it is not very new because wood is 5 plies thick, not 7. It is from the late 1960s-early 70s. It is upholsered with brown leather and this may be one of the reasons that it is a lot uglier than I had realized before.

I remember this chair from when I was a kid. It belonged to my grandparents, and was occupied by a life (human) size Snoopy doll. There was one in every therapist office that I have ever been in. (There is something about modernist furniture that therapists love.

Dr. S had a Joe Colombo Boby trolly in his office as well as an Aeron chair for himself and an Eames lounge for the patient. I think he had some sort of therapist discount at Design Within Reach. Every week when I sat in his lounge chair I would shift my body down so that my head rested on the top pillow and my feet could touch the floor. I never used the ottoman because I had shoes on and did not want to scratch the leather.)

The chair that is sitting next to me now is not comfortable. I realize that when I sit properly in the chair I have no headrest and only my toes touch the floor. My torso is very long, and causes a lot of trouble with furniture. Usually the trouble is only that I sit a lot taller than others, sometimes my head touches the ceiling of small cars though. I had thought that the Eames lounge chair was the epitome of comfort style and ergonomics. Now I know that this is a chair that for maybe 1/4 of the population has no neck support, and a good portion of people have a head rest, but dangling toes.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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I love… Eames Chairs!

lunedì 25 febbraio 2013 Buongiono! Come forse già sapete (perchè lo ripeto allo sfinimento), ciò che mi piace è il mix di stili: shabby e industrial, country e design,
cottage e french chic.

Good Morning!
As you already know (because I have said it so many times), what I like is
mixing different styles: shabby and industrial, country and design,
cottage and french chic style.

So, today I want to show you some of my “cult objects”:
Charles Eames chairs,
absolutely linear, I know, and nothing to do with
shabby or country.
But I love mixing together different objects
and I adore contaminations!

Visionary Design: The Cinema of Charles and Ray Eames – Fri. Feb. 24 – 8PM

Oddball Films presents Visionary Design: The Cinema of Charles and Ray Eames. Among the finest designers of the 20th Century, the husband and wife team are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design and manufacturing, but the Eames were also brilliant and inventive filmmakers, able to illustrate the most abstract concepts with readily understood images. There is so much to say about the legacy of the Eames s that an entire period has been named after them.

This program includes An Eames Celebration (1975), a documentary about the 20th century s groundbreaking designers and filmmakers, shot by Les Blank; Powers of Ten (1968), their most famous film about orders of magnitude; Tops (1969), a brilliant childlike anthropological film capturing spinning tops from different cultures and eras; and IBM Mathematica Peep Show (1961) is a succinct and poignant presentation of 5 separate mathematical concepts. The legacy of this husband and wife team includes more than 100 films produced between 1950 and 1982 that reflect the rich scope of their interests.

Noted for their furniture designs — the “Eames chair” in particular is considered one of the most significant and widely recognized furniture designs of the 20th century. The Charles Eames Lounge Chair set a standard for comfort and simplicity in modern design. The chair is so important in modern furniture design that it has become a part of the permanent collection of New York s Museum of Modern Art.

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